Premium Processing Suspended for FY 2021 H-1B Cap Until June 29, 2020

Written by: Ashik Jahan, Esq., and Cody Hendrix

USCIS has placed a temporary suspension on premium processing services for fiscal year 2021 cap H-1B Petitions. This means that petitioners will not be able to request nor file for premium processing when USCIS begins accepting H-1B petitions on April 1, 2020. USCIS will not begin accepting premium processing for cap petitions again until at least June 29, 2020. Any request for premium processing made during the suspension will be immediately rejected. However, petitioners will be able to upgrade to premium processing by filing a form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Services once the suspension is lifted.

Note that this suspension only applies to H-1B petitions that are subject to cap; those exempt from the cap will proceed as usual.

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