Physicians Practice: Ryan Rivas Discusses the Importance of Medical Charting in Minimizing Malpractice Risks

Physicians Practice Rivas Importance Medical Charting

In an article published online in Physicians Practice on August 19, 2021, Partner R. Ryan Rivas discusses the importance of medical charting in minimizing malpractice risks.

“For attorneys who represent healthcare providers, sometimes the patient’s medical records can be the one piece of evidence that saves the day, but other times they can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” he writes. “In countless medical malpractice cases, provider negligence can often be proven by poor, incomplete, or completely absent documentation. In contrast, negligence can be disproven simply by proper and effective charting.

Ryan further explains the pros and cons of electronic medical records and offers best practices for health care providers to reduce their risk.

“Ultimately, every medical provider should ask whether his or her charting can properly, completely, and effectively communicate to all others who may review the information and rely upon it for patient care,” he concludes. “This is true from the chief of neurosurgery all the way to the patient tech charged with documenting a patient’s vital signs. Ensuring that effective and proper documentation is the standard will have a resounding positive impact on patient care and will keep providers where we need them—with their patients and not in the courtroom.”

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