Rufus Montgomery and Brad Carver Mentioned as Volunteers for Gingrich Campaign

Buckhead Volunteer for Gingrich Hopeful of Top 3 Iowa Finish (article by: Louis Mayeux of Buckhead Patch)

Attorney Brad Carver of Buckhead, one of 30 Georgia volunteers for Newt Gingrich’s campaign in Iowa, said the campaign remains hopeful of a top three finish in the state’s caucuses Tuesday night.

Carver told Buckhead Patch from Iowa Tuesday afternoon, “it’s going very, very well. We’ve been up here a couple of days and have made a lot of phone calls, trying to reach out to the undecideds.” He said that polls show that 41 percent of Iowa’s Republican voters remained uncommitted headed into the caucuses.

“We’re hoping for a top three finish,” Carver said. “I tell you, based on my anecdotal evidence, a lot of these undecideds are breaking his way.  A lot of them see him  as a strong candidate in the general election.”.

Susan L. Meyers, the Georgia press secretary for Gingrich’s campaign, said in Atlanta that the campaign had a goal of making 100,000 calls a night for Gingrich, who was hurt in Iowa by negative  ads from supporters of front runner Mitt Romney. She said Gingrich’s Georgia volunteers were also going door to door in Iowa to build support for  him.

Carver, senior managing director of Hall Booth Smith government affairs practice, said he will represent Gingrich Tuesday night at a caucus in the greater Des Moines area. Under the caucus format, Caver said, each candidate can have a representative give a three-minute stump speech at a caucus location.  Read more here:

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