“The Best of Inside Medical Malpractice Part 1,” Inside Medical Malpractice

Founding Partner John Hall spoke with Chris Rokosh of the Inside Medical Malpractice podcast about what healthcare professionals should know about medical malpractice, as well as how patients can take control of their health.

On the episode, Hall counseled providers to focus on the business of providing care, saying, “What you’re doing is a great service. Don’t be afraid of the legal system. Focus on giving great medical care.”

For attorneys, Hall said the system shouldn’t be about entrepreneurial gain. While most provider organizations and attorneys want to do the right thing, he said, the profit motives of a few can have a devastating impact on the system. “We have to prevent the exceptions in the system that is driving up [costs] more than what’s reasonable,” he said.

Hall said patients should ask questions, get second opinions and be honest with their provider about their symptoms.

Hear more from John Hall in the full podcast episode available here.