Updates to Georgia’s Nursing Home Medicaid Financial Limits and Medicare Increases

Written by: Brittany H. Cone, Esq. and Teresa Westmoreland

As 2021 quickly approaches, the updated financial limitations for Nursing Home Medicaid and increases to Medicare costs have been released. While the new limits have been released, the Public Health Emergency (“PHE”) remains in effect until January 20, 2021. If you have any questions about how the PHE is currently impacting the Medicaid application process, please review our previous blog here. We are pleased to share this information with our healthcare partners as we plan for the new year.


Individual – $2,000
Couple – $3,000 (both are admitted to SNF same month)
Couple – $2,000 each (both admitted to SNF in different months)

Spousal Impoverishment Standards:
Combined Resource Standard – $132,380
Community Spouse Protected Resource Amount – $130,380

Excess Home Limit:
Excess home equity limit will be $603,000.00


Income CAP:
Individual – $2,382.00
Couple – $2,467.00
**Monthly gross income > $2,382.00 requires a QIT**

Community Spouse Maintenance Income Allowance – $3,259.50

Personal needs allowance:
$70 / $90


Part A Premium – $471.00
Part A Deductible – $1,484.00
Part A Co-Insurance – $185.50

Part B Premium – $148.50
Part B Deductible – $203.00

We also would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Holiday to all of the frontline healthcare workers that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Hall Booth Smith is privileged to partner with such an outstanding group. Your diligence and sacrifices will not be forgotten.

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