E-Crypto News: Danielle Dudai on What’s Next for Cryptospace Following SEC Actions

In an article published August 22, 2023, in E-Crypto News, West Palm Beach Of Counsel Danielle Dudai shares her insight on what to expect with crypto regulation as a result of the SEC’s actions and recent court decisions.

“The concern of course is that the government will try and over-regulate, and eliminate decentralized assets, in favor of centralized products,” she says. “It is an unpopular opinion, but we do need regulatory clarity to minimize risk of unnecessary litigation. Adoption of crypto will continue to be stunted so long as the framework which exists only allows few to enter the market while still exposed to significant risk, and effectively penalizes the use of crypto by taxing every transaction.”

You may read the full article on the E-Crypto News website.

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West Palm Beach Of Counsel Danielle Dudai concentrates her practice on corporate and partnership matters, business transactions, business litigation, blockchain, and cryptocurrency compliance. She serves as outside general counsel to several small and mid-sized businesses in both the State of Florida and Texas.

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