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Reuters: Jacqueline Voronov on Company Rights to Terminate Unvaccinated Employees

Reuters Voronov Terminate Employees Not Vaccinated

In a Reuters’ article examining a decision by Citigroup Inc. to terminate U.S. employees not vaccinated by January 14, 2022, Hall Booth Smith Partner Jacqueline Voronov said it is well within the company’s right to do so, citing the courts’ upholding of private employer mandates in a tidal wave of claims from staff refusing to have a shot.

“A private employer is allowed to mandate its own policy. And if Citi wants to have a mandatory vaccination policy, they can do that. Provided that they provide a medical exemption for somebody who maybe has a contraindication. Any challenge to that policy will be unsuccessful,” she said.

Subscribers may read the full article on the Reuters site.

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