Daily Business Review: Danielle Dudai Reflects on the Ripple Labs Crypto Ruling

In an article published August 17, 2023, in Law.com’s Daily Business Review, West Palm Beach Of Counsel Danielle Dudai shares an opposing view to those who have celebrated the SEC v. Ripple Labs decision as a profound moment for the cryptocurrency community.

“Every now and then, a court will issue a ruling that lawyers are equally excited and disappointed by. For me, SEC v. Ripple Labs is such a ruling,” she said. “As a crypto lawyer, I’ve acquired a deep understanding of the capabilities of blockchain and crypto, and I don’t believe this ruling to be as profound as many have declared it to be. In fact, I believe it will create more confusion than clarity.”

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West Palm Beach Of Counsel Danielle Dudai concentrates her practice on corporate and partnership matters, business transactions, business litigation, blockchain, and cryptocurrency compliance. She serves as outside general counsel to several small and mid-sized businesses in both the State of Florida and Texas.

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