South Carolina WCC Electronic Forms Submissions

Written by: Margaret H. Donahue, Esq.

On July 27, 2021, the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission issued the attached advisory notice detailing new procedures for email submission of Forms 15,17,19, and 20 by Carriers.  As with prior versions of electronic submission, the Commission is requiring specific format to be followed and will assume no responsibility for transmittal errors or errors in submission that result in rejection of a submitted form.  Claims Specialists handling claims in SC should read and make note of the required format for email submission of forms.

Key Points:

  • Strict adherence to subject line contents is required:  WCC#(space)XXXXXX(space)FormYY; Example: WCC# 1234567 Form15
  • The Commission prefers that the Claimant’s SSN NOT be included in emailed forms
  • Best Practice: Because the Commission assumes no liability for errors that result in rejection of forms, but will certainly still issue fines for forms rejected as “not submitted”, check eCase a few days after submission of a form to ensure that it is listed as submitted/received/processed

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