Law360: Danielle Dudai on Trafficking Ruling’s Liability Lessons for Hospitality Companies

Trafficking Liability Lessons

In an article published on May 26, 2023, in Law360, West Palm Beach Of Counsel Danielle Dudai provides insight on the dismissal of a lawsuit which accused national hotel chains of knowingly benefitting from sex trafficking at their hotels and on their property and provides guidance on what companies can do to combat sex trafficking in their hotels.

“To assert a strong defense to a civil claim under the TVPRA, hospitality businesses need to ensure proper and effective training protocols,” says Dudai. “Hotel staff must be trained to effectively identify and confront sex trafficking and be aware that it affects people of all ages, genders and nationalities. They should also be aware of the tactics used by traffickers, such as deception, coercion and violence, to control their victims.”

Subscribers can read the full article on the Law360 website.

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