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McKnight’s Long-Term Care News: Jacque Clarke on the Importance of Maintaining a Library of Resources for Regulators

McKnights Long Term Care News Clarke Library Resources Regulators

In a McKnight’s Long-Term Care News article, Atlanta-based Partner Jacquelyn Smith Clarke offers advice on how to maintain documentation amidst rapidly changing guidance from federal and state regulators. Whether to prepare for a surveyor, draft an appeal, or defend a potential lawsuit, Clarke said a well-maintained library of resources is important and can help guard against future challenges.

“If an infection-related complaint or issue arises and you have contemporaneous and reliable notes on these issues, it will be much easier to demonstrate your reasonableness. If you do not, you are left guessing with a vague notion that things at that time were more challenging, but without evidence showing why,” Clarke said.

Subscribers may read the full article on the McKnight’s Long-Term Care News site.

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