The Red Flags of Workers’ Compensation: 25 Warning Signs

The Red Flags of Workers’ Compensation: 25 Warning Signs
1. News of layoffs/termination/transfer.
2. Unwitnessed accident.
3. Accident reported after a holiday, weekend or vacation.
4. Short-term employee.
5. Lack of cooperation with medical suppliers.
6. Instant lawyer retention.
7. Disciplined shortly before the accident.
8. Employee is not a “happy camper.”
9. Family owned business/family member injury.
10. Invalid documentation of eligibility to work in United States.
11. Checkered work history.
12. Grapevine news.
13. Use of doctor/chiropractor across town.
14. Attorney/chiropractor/M.D. cross-referral.
15. Lies on employment application.
16. Gap in follow-up of medical care.
17. Subjective medical history totally inconsistent with story.
18. Recent personal disability policy.
19. Prior workers’ compensation claims.
20. Dirty hands (literally) at medical or rehabilitation appointment.
21. Family plan (multiple family members out on W/C, disability, etc.).
22. Longer than reasonable subjective complaints unsupported by objective tests.
23. Anonymous call.
24. Arrest record.
25. Never at home.

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