US Supreme Court Ready to Sit Down to a Full Plate of Qualified Immunity

Written by: Phillip E. Friduss, Esq.

Our Supreme Court Justices are about to sit down to an unprecedented feast of qualified immunity.  That feast will be served during its May 15 conference, where the Court will consider thirteen different qualified immunity cert petitions, several of which that have been specifically rescheduled to that date.  We will have a much better feel on May 18, when the Justices are likely to give us a clearer picture of just what’s up.  We will report in as close to real time as possible.

The link below is from the Cato Institute, whose Jay Schweikert predicts this could be Doomsday for the qualified immunity doctrine (there are also snippets from each of the 13 cases).

I’m not so sure.  If something were truly amiss, my gut says it would have more to do with roughing up the Pearson v. Callahan decision.  That is the decision that released federal courts from analyzing qualified immunity cases in the classic 1-2 order of Saucier v. Katz.  Or this could all just be modern world paranoia.

But thirteen cases…

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