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W. Scott Henwood

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William Scott Henwood was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He spent his early professional career in various positions with the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia including the prestigious position of Reporter of Decisions. Upon his retirement from these Courts, he joined Hall Booth Smith as Of Counsel.

Along with his ongoing duties at HBS, Scott is also actively involved with the country of Georgia Consulate and the Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City Committee. Scott has both taught and lectured at various law schools in the country of Georgia, primarily in the areas of American Legal History and Constitutional Law, and domestically, James Magazine has consistently recognized him as one of the state of Georgia’s most influential attorneys.


Scott served for twenty-one years as Reporter of Decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia. He has extensive knowledge of Georgia appellate practice, procedure, and rules and has taken numerous cases to all levels of appeal through both the state and federal courts. He is a frequent speaker at CLE seminars and is also a distinguished co-author of Georgia’s Appellate Judiciary: Profiles and History, published by The Harrison Company in 1987.

Reported Decisions

Supreme Court of Georgia:

  • Phillips v. Harmon, 297 Ga. 386, 774 S.E.2d 596 (2015)
  • Brown v. Penland Const. Co., 281 Ga. 625, 641 S.E.2d 522 (2007)

Court of Appeals of Georgia:

  • Coon v. Medical Center, Inc., 335 Ga. App. 278, 780 S.E.2d 118 (2015), reconsideration denied (Dec. 15, 2015), cert. granted (May 9, 2016)
  • McDonald v. W. Point Food Mart, Inc., 332 Ga. App. 753, 774 S.E.2d 774 (2015)
  • Dempsey v. Gwinnett Hosp. Sys., Inc., 330 Ga. App. 469, 765 S.E.2d 525 (2014), reconsideration denied (Dec. 16, 2014), cert. denied (Apr. 20, 2015)
  • WellStar Health Sys., Inc. v. Kemp, 324 Ga. App. 629, 751 S.E.2d 445 (2013)
  • Georgia Clinic, P.C. v. Stout, 323 Ga. App. 487, 747 S.E.2d 83 (2013)
  • Bonds v. Nesbitt, 322 Ga. App. 852, 747 S.E.2d 40, (2013)
  • WellStar Health Sys., Inc. v. Sutton, 318 Ga. App. 802, 734 S.E.2d 764 (2012)
  • Thomas v. Henry Cnty. Water & Sewerage Auth., 317 Ga. App. 258, 731 S.E.2d 66 (2012)
  • Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp. v. Hines, 309 Ga. App. 695, 710 S.E.2d 888 (2011)
  • Conklin v. Acceptance Indem. Ins. Co., 306 Ga. App. 585, 702 S.E.2d 727 (2010)
  • Lore v. Suwanee Creek Homeowners Ass’n, Inc., 305 Ga. App. 165, 699 S.E.2d 332 (2010)
  • Clarendon Nat’l Ins. Co. v. Johnson, 293 Ga. App. 103, 666 S.E.2d 567 (2008)
  • Exel Transp. Servs., Inc. v. Sigma Vita, Inc., 288 Ga. App. 527, 654 S.E.2d 665 (2007)
  • City of Demorest v. Roberts & Dunahoo Properties, LLC, 288 Ga. App. 708, 655 S.E.2d 617 (2007)
  • King v. Comfort Living, Inc., 287 Ga. App. 337, 651 S.E.2d 484 (2007)
  • Wesley Chapel Foot & Ankle Ctr. v. Johnson, 286 Ga. App. 881, 650 S.E.2d 387 (2007)
  • Nichols v. Prather, 286 Ga. App. 889, 650 S.E.2d 380 (2007)
  • Hosp. Auth. of Gwinnett Cnty. v. Rapson, 283 Ga. App. 297, 641 S.E.2d 286 (2007)
  • McClung v. Atlanta Real Estate Acquisitions, LLC, 282 Ga. App. 759, 639 S.E.2d 331 (2006)
Teaching Experience
  • Visiting Professor of Law, Ilia State University School of Law, 2010 – 2012, Foundations of American Legal Institutions.
  • Lecturer on US & Georgia Relations at the GIPA (Georgian Institute of Public Affairs), 2011
  • Full Professor of Law, Ilia State University School of Law, 2013 – 2014, American Legal History, I & II
  • Honorary Professor of Law, SEU Georgian International University, 2015, Election Law
  • Lecturer on Evolution of the United States Constitution, 2017 Tbilisi State University School of Law
  • Lecturer on Foundations of American Legal Institutions, 2017 Black Sea University



State Courts:

  • Georgia
    • Court of Appeals, Supreme Court

Article I Courts:

  • U.S Court of Military Appeals

U.S. District Courts:

  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

U.S. Supreme Court


  • J.D., Oglethorpe University
  • B.B.A., Georgia State University


  • Lawyers Club of Atlanta, Inc.: Member; President, 2003-2004
  • Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions: President, 1988-1989
  • The Advocates, Ltd.: President, 2008-2009
  • Old War Horse Lawyers Club, Inc.: Member
  • Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants: Member, 2011-2021
  • Burns Club of Atlanta, Inc.: President, 2008-2009
  • Georgia Legal History Foundation, Inc.: Vice President; Trustee, 1984-to date
  • Emory University School of Law, The Lamar Inn of Court: Master of the Bench
  • State Bar of Georgia: Member
    • Committee on the Judiciary: Chairman, 2008
  • Supreme Court of Georgia, Sesquicentennial Commission: Member
  • Court of Appeals of Georgia, Centennial Committee: Member
  • Lawyers Foundation of Georgia, Inc.: Member


  • Most Politically-Connected Attorneys, James Magazine; 2017-2018, 2020
  • Most Influential Attorneys in Georgia, James Magazine; 2014, 2016-2018, 2020
  • Peer Reviewed, Martindale-Hubbell


Scott has lectured a various ministries and universities in the country of Georgia between 2010 and 2017.


  • An Insider’s Reflection on Appellate Practice
  • Appellate Tips for the Everyday Practitioner
  • Georgia Appellate Jurisdiction: Fixed or Moving Target
  • Interlocutory Applications – Why Are They So Difficult to Get Granted?
  • Evidence
    Mercer Law Review, Fall 2010 – Fall 2016
  • Post-Judgment Motions and the Appellate Process in Georgia

In the Press

W. Scott Henwood Reappointed to the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants

W. Scott Henwood was reappointed October 13, 2016, by the Supreme Court of Georgia, to another five year term on the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants.  This reappointment if effective November 1, 2016, and is reflective of Mr. Henwood’s dedication to the rigorous standards of attorney admission in the State of Georgia. The Board

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Hall Booth Smith together with Georgia to Georgia Foundation hosted a delegation from the country of Georgia, April 20-27, 2013, through Open World Leadership program with a concentration in Rule of Law. A group of six delegates visited Atlanta to learn more about the rule of law in an attempt to further ongoing legal reforms in

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The Supreme Court of Georgia names W. Scott Henwood of HBS to Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants

ATLANTA, GA – The Supreme Court of Georgia on November 1, 2011, named W. Scott Henwood of Hall Booth Smith to the Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applicants. Mr. Henwood will serve a five year term. The Board is composed of seven attorney members and three non-attorney members and is responsible for evaluating the character and fitness